About me

My name is Ola and in my head I’m a minimalist who always magically ends up with eclectic maxi-mix. I love colours, plants, statement pieces, antique and vintage finds. I always try to incorporate some DIY projects (usually hand painted furniture).
I’m proud of my bargain finds but, don’t get me wrong, I still value good design and quality; If something really speaks to me, I’ll definitely spend the money. I strongly believe that in every space there is a story that is never quite finished and that represents the time, mindset and mood that we’re in.

In my native language Bambetle is a quirky word that stands for eclectic mix and house rubbish.

My husband and I have always moved around quite a bit; We met in our native Poland while studying at Uni. Since then, we’ve lived in many cities and in even more homes and apartments – the biggest change was moving to England and renting our first flat in London.
When I arrived, I was positively overwhelmed with options and how easy it was to transform a space on a budget. I would visit every little vintage store, car boot sale and charity shop and started to buy furniture that needed some love and a little a bit of extra attention. With that in mind, I started my blog.
It was 2012 and we’ve just moved into our second rented property in London. It was a small two bedroom house in a quiet residential street. Because it was completely unfurnished, I was able to go pretty mad collecting used furniture that I could re-style and re-love. Using my experience I wrote many articles on DIY, chalk paint and interior design in general. With time and effort, my rented house would slowly filled up and my enthusiasm diminished. However, living in a new country and having a decent career, I lost my focus on the blog. At that point we weren’t sure what our next step should be. I was getting tired of magnolia walls and of renting in general… So, I took some time to clear my head and decide on what to do next.

So here we are now. Happily putting down roots in our new house in South East London. It turned out that we simply couldn’t part ways with this phenomenal city. We bought a house in late 2017 and have been working on it since. I would love to share our progress with you and my continued journey with interior design. I would also love to show you the places that I visit and possibly other things that I’m currently obsessing about. I’ll do my best to write both in Polish and English, but please be gentle and keep in mind that English is not my first language.

Thanks for stopping by and please don’t be a stranger! I may not like milk in my tea but I will always put the kettle on for a friendly visitor!