How to give a mid-century cabinet a colour blocking makeover

I’m always on a hunt for a good bargain. Nothing better than finding something you love and buying it from someone who doesn’t see its value. Car Boot Sale is one place you can find a super cheap treasure, but not a lot of them during the winter. That’s why it’s good to make browsing eBay and Facebook marketplace your little habit.
One of my recent purchases is this mid-century cabinet. I’m not 100% sure what it is actually. Is it a drinks cabinet? Is it a display cabinet? Probably not a bureau, because it has wheels… It was cheap, it was close and I really wanted to paint it.

Colour blocking is my recent obsession. My plan is to transform all the dining room walls with geometric shapes and unexpected colours. It is always good to practice on something smaller first. I also like when a piece of furniture works as a statement, especially good idea for those who have trouble committing to a bigger scale and those who like their walls neutral.

To give your furniture a colourful makeover YOU’LL NEED:

1. Paint and wax

I like working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint products, because they are very easy to use and don’t require a primer. I used: English Yellow, Antoinette, Pure, Barcelona Orange and Clear Wax.

2. Brushes

You can use a roller if you want to avoid visible brush strokes, but for the geometric shapes you’ll also need a small and precise brush.

3. Masking tape

4. Something round that you can trace. In my case it was a plant pot saucer and a small dish.

Painting the base colour and the inside of the cabinet was pretty easy and straight forward. Is the geometric part that requires a preparation and accuracy. With colour blocking you always have to plan what goes first. I had to wait for the orange part to be dry before I applied the final masking tape. To create the effect of colours layering on top of each other you have to mix the paint together.

Once the paint is completely dry you can apply wax with a brush and a clean white cloth.

I think it looks good in our guest bedroom, but I’m not sure if it’ll stay there yet. I changed the artwork for a 70s Polish film poster and added some books and plants.

Do you like the colourful, bohemian mid-century vibe or is it too much for you?

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