Living Room Transformation

The first space I want to introduce you to is my living room. Even though the house was in a pretty decent condition, we’ve decided to change a lot of things before moving in. First, let me make something clear – my critiques of the previous decor are simply based on my own personal taste and preferences.

First to go: carpeting.
I was extremely surprised to learn how popular carpets are in England. Almost every house we’ve been to had carpets in at least one of the rooms. It wasn’t just the visual for me, though; having a lovely and extremely furry family member, our dog, meant that carpets, especially white ones, were never really an option. We’ve removed every single piece from the house, and that meant new hardwood floors in the living room, and the entire upstairs.

Next: a gas fireplace.
I just didn’t like the look of it and didn’t want to wait since we had to change the flooring anyway. After some convincing from my husband, we’ve installed a new wood burning stove. I’m sure I’ll write some more about it in a separate post.

Bold walls because F**k Magnolia! For those of you that have never rented an accommodation in the United Kingdom and never heard of magnolia walls, let me explain: It’s this neutral, yellowish, beigey colour that most landlords use for rented properties. It’s supposed to be easy to use and go well with everything. Needless to say, I absolutely hate it. If any landlord is reading this: please choose a different neutral colour – grey is 100% better. Even though the previous owners didn’t use magnolia I was so hungry for a bold colour that I used Hague Blue from Farrow & Ball. We’ve also changed the radiator to match the colour of the walls and period character of the house.

Lighting and finishing touches:
I went with my current favourite, copper, and chose a modern pendant light that I paired with retro looking lightbulbs. Big and minimalistic poster and white plantation shutters go well with dark and heavy looking walls.

We didn’t buy any furniture for this room; everything that’s there we owned already. The yellow armchair works well as a statement piece, though. There is a hand painted green TV cabinet on a wall opposing the fireplace – You can’t see it now, but I’ll make sure to feature it at some point.

Add in some plants, like my favourite monstera, and there you have it. It’s still a work in progress design-wise, but I’m pretty pleased with the result.

I only have one small picture of how the room looked before the transformation. Here it is:


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  • Hi, your living room looks great. I really like the framed art, could you tell me where you got it from please? Thanks

  • Hello and congrats; this looks beautiful. Co-incidentally, I have just painted the walls of my kitchen diner hague blue, and I have a couple of those yellow IKEA armchairs and footstool also. I love the contrast of the yellow and blue. I’m trying to pick a colour for blinds to go over bi-fold doors in the same room and I’m stuck. Would love to know if you have advice on colours that might work well with both hague blue and standmar yellow. Thanks in advance. Emma

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